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Summerville residents have, for a long time, placed their trust in Kuhn & Kuhn to help them make some of the most sensitive and important plans that they will need to make in their lifetimes. Making plans for the future is something that even young people should do, as it’s important to plan for retirement, end-of-life issues, incapacity, and what you hope your legacy will be.

Kuhn & Kuhn offers assistance that is tailored to your lifestyle and family situation and we can help you to keep your plans updated as your life changes and evolves. Give us a call to find out what we can do for you if you live in Summerville and surrounding areas and you want to make use of legal tools to keep your family and assets safe and secure.

Life in Summerville, South Carolina

Summerville is a South Carolina town that spans several counties, including Dorchester, Berkeley, and Charleston counties. It is considered to be a part of the greater Charleston metropolitan area and it had a population of just over 43,000 people as of the most recent census.

The town is a popular place to live as a result of the significantly lower cost of living compared with nearby Charleston and North Charleston. There is more affordable housing in Summerville, and the taxes are significantly lower, making this area an attractive place for middle class families to call home. In fact, Summerville’s population has exploded in recent years because of the low costs of living.

Seniors in Summerville, South Carolina

Within Summerville, approximately 8.8 percent of households are comprised of someone who is living alone who is 65-years-old or older. Often, seniors require more assistance remaining healthy, active members of their community.

There are a number of different programs and services seniors in Summerville can take advantage of.

Dorchester Senior Services are available to Summerville residents, and include the David Sojourner Senior Center and the Faith Sellers Senior Center. The David Sojourner Senior Center is located at 5361 East Jim Bilton Boulevard, St. George, SC 29477 and the telephone number is 843-563-3709. The Faith Sellers Senior Center is located at 312 North Laurel Street, Summerville, NC 29483. The telephone number is 843-871-5053.

Berkeley County, South Carolina also provides services at Berkeley Seniors, Inc. Berkeley County residents can come to the senior center to take advantage of programs if they are 60 or older. To find out about wellness activities, home-delivered meals, case management services and Alzheimer’s support available through this center, you can call 843-761-0390.

Seniors can also visit the website of the Charleston City government in order to learn about the Bee’s Landing Recreation Center or the Lowcounty Senior Center. These programs provide classes for seniors, social and recreational opportunities, and programs that can help seniors to live a fuller and healthier life.

If seniors need more support and services than available through free program or local senior centers, Kuhn & Kuhn can provide assistance qualifying for programs like Medicaid.

Courts in Summerville, South Carolina

Kuhn & Kuhn can provide help in taking steps to allow your family to avoid having to go to probate court. We can help you to make an incapacity plan so your loved ones will not need to go to court to have a guardian or conservator named in case something happens to you and you cannot make decisions on your own any more. We can also help you to find a way to facilitate the transfer of wealth outside of the probate process so your loved ones can inherit more quickly and with less costs.

Sometimes, however, going to probate court is necessary. The right court to go to will vary depending upon which county the incapacitated or deceased person resided in. Probate courts include:

  • The Charleston County Probate Court has a commitment and guardianship division at the Judicial Center at 100 Broad Street in Suite 469 in Charleston, SC 29401. The phone number is 843-958-5180. The estate division of the Charleston probate court is located at 84 Broad Street on the third floor in Charleston, SC 29401. The phone number is 834-958-5044.
  • The Dorchester County Probate Court is located at 5200 E. Jim Bilton Blvd, St. George, SC 29477. The estate division can be reached at (843) 563-0282 or (843) 563-0136.
  • The Berkeley County Probate Court is located at 300-B California Avenue, Moncks Corner, SC 29461. The telephone number for Moncks Corner can be reached at 843-719-4519 . The phone number of Charleston is 843-723-3800 ext. 4519 and the number for St. Stephen is 843-567-3136.

Kuhn & Kuhn can provide representation to executors; heirs or beneficiaries; family members who are seeking to have a guardian or conservator appointed; and those who wish to contest a will or trust.

Getting help from a Summerville, South Carolina Estate Planning Lawyer

A Summerville South Carolina estate planning lawyer at Kuhn & Kuhn can help you to make a comprehensive plan for your future. We can help you protect your family and assets, prepare for end of life issues and incapacity, and take steps to secure your legacy. Give us a call today to find out more.

Summerville, SC - Kuhn and Kuhn Law Firm (2024)
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